This Week’s Must-Haves: Feed Your Ego With a Selfie Toaster

In honor of the Food Issue, this week we're highlighting fabulous kitchen gadgets, including a selfie toaster, a DIY cheese kit, and a cutting board for the obsessive chef.


Burnt Impressions Selfie Toaster $69

Move over, Jesus: With the Selfie Toaster from Burnt Impressions, anyone's face can be emblazoned on a slice of toast. After uploading your chosen selfie on the Vermont-based toaster company's website, you'll receive a toaster with a custom insert featuring an image of your glorious visage (or even that of your favorite celebrity—Kanye toast, anyone?). It's the perfect gift for "the person who has everything," or just a total narcissist.

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Cooking Blocks by Doiy $41

Who says you shouldn't play with your food? Make meal prep a lot more fun with Doiy's Lego-inspired cooking set, which includes a ladle, spatula and pasta drainer. The brightly colored kitchen tools can be stacked together or mounted on an included wall strip.

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Mozzarella & Ricotta DIY Cheese Kit $25

Impress your dinner-party guests by serving homemade cheese made with Urban Cheesecraft's easy-to-use DIY kit. It contains everything you need to make eight or more batches of mozzarella and ricotta, including a dairy thermometer, cheesecloth, rennet tablets, citric acid and salt—all you need to add is milk.

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Cafflano Klassic $99

Don't settle for mediocre coffee when you're on the go. The Cafflano has everything you need to make a perfect cup, including an adjustable hand grinder, drip kettle, stainless steel filter dripper and 15-ounce tumbler. Just add your favorite beans, grind and add hot water, and within minutes you'll have freshly brewed java that will put your office's "coffee" to shame.

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Obsessive Chef Cutting Board $27

With built-in guidelines for slicing a flawless julienne, brunoise or batonnet, the Obsessive Chef Cutting Board is a perfectionist's dream. The 9-by-12-inch board is made out of sturdy bamboo, so you won't have to worry about damaging it by spending three hours cutting a pound of potatoes into perfectly identical cubes.

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Anova Precision Cooker $179

Intimidated by at-home sous vide? The Anova Precision Cooker makes it a breeze to cook perfect meat, fish and more. Just place the device in any water-filled container, add your vacuum-sealed ingredients, plug it in and set the desired temperature and cooking time via Anova's Bluetooth-connected app. Need inspiration? The Anova app provides that too, with a recipe library from top chefs and food bloggers.

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