WebVan Reviews Account Again

GGC&Y Refuses to Defend; Separately, Breaks Work for More.com
SAN FRANCISCO–WebVan is gearing up for a review of its estimated $15-20 million account just six months after awarding it to Gardner, Geary, Coll & Young.
The San Francisco incumbent resigned the account last week rather than defend. Sources said the client, based in Foster City, Calif., is talking primarily with West Coast shops that have multiple U.S. offices.
“We’ve done outstanding work for WebVan. It’s been so successful that the client had to cut back on media,” said GGC&Y president Bob Gardner. “Yet there is this uncontrollable urge to move the account to a large, multi-office shop. We will not participate in a ‘kangaroo review’ we can’t win.”
In June, GGC&Y launched a Bay Area-only campaign for the grocery delivery service. It featured the tagline, “The world’s market at your doorstep.”
Separately, GGC&Y last week launched an estimated $20 million national effort for online drugstore More.com, previously known as Greentree.com.
Broadcast, print and online ads introduce the tagline, “More than a drugstore. Just a click away.” The humorous theme centers on people who have everything but want more–and can find it at More.com.
One 60-second TV spot features a supermodel on a glitzy photo shoot with Hollywood agents and her rock star boyfriend. When the voiceover asks her what more she could want, the supermodel screams, “More!”