Websourced to Give Battery Vendor a Charge

DALLAS Interstate Batteries has hired the Internet marketing firm WebSourced to give the company a higher search profile through its KeywordRanking.com service, the agency said.

Based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., WebSourced is a subsidiary of CGI Holding Corp., also known as Think Partnership.

The Internet marketing specialist will seek to make Interstate one of the top 10 listings across Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines, the company said.

Dallas-based Interstate wants a higher profile for its Web site that competes with 41 million pages that reference “batteries” on Google, the company said.

WebSourced’s roster of 1,400 clients includes Lowe’s Home Improvement, NBC, Black & Decker, DeWalt and CitiFinancial, the company said.

WebSourced said it improves search rank for its clients through services such as search engine optimization, a method of enhancing a company’s visibility, and pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Pay-per-click gives search engines a fee each time someone searching the Internet clicks through a word or phrase on the search page to the company’s Web site.

Interstate Batteries is a privately held group of corporations that includes a company with 310 distributors. Interstate’s Web site sells more than 10,000 name brand and specialty batteries for equipment such as laptops, watches, cameras, phones, camcorders and medical equipment, the company said.