Web.com Debuts on Cable, Satellite TV Screens

ATLANTA Interland said it is changing its name to Web.com on Monday and launching a television advertising campaign that day to announce the change.

The Atlanta-based Internet services company bought the Web.com URL at the end of last year for $4.8 million in cash, debt and assumed liabilities. In addition to a new company name, it is changing its ticker symbol on Nasdaq to WWWW. The purchase also adds a domain registration business to the company’s list of services.

Interland acquired two completed TV spots with the purchase. Martin Dix and William Bloomfield, both employed by Deutsch at the time, created the commercials as an independent project.

In the first ad, “Gus” promotes his Web site, ebeggar.com, after trying other less successful forms of panhandling.

In the second spot, a woman advertises her Web site, psycho4hire.com, claiming, “I’ve been a psycho ex-girlfriend for years, but I never really know how psycho I was until my friends started asking for advice,” she says. “That’s when I decided to take my company online with Web.com.” Scenes show a woman spray-painting a man’s house and car and another woman injuring her ex-boyfriend by sticking pins into a voodoo doll.

The ads will air on cable news networks and satellite TV broadcasts for the next two weeks. Each ad sends people to a different toll-free number and Web site, allowing the company to monitor the response to each. After the two-week run, the company said it would analyze the information and determine its future advertising strategy.

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