Webcast Content Delivers

In a joint study released Wednesday, Arbitron and Edison Media Research concluded that streaming-media content on the Web now reaches more than 50 percent of all Internet users. Additionally, the report indicated that the monthly audiences of Internet-only audio sources, such as streaming Net radio, were nearly equal to the audiences of terrestrial radio stations.

Titled “Internet VII: The Internet & Streaming: What Consumers Want Next,” the study found that, as of July 2001, the number of “Streamies”–those who have watched or listened to streaming media online–represented more than a third (34 percent) of all Americans aged 12 and older, totalling approximately 78 million people.

According to Bill Rose, vice president and general manager, Arbitron Webcast Services, the results are an encouraging sign of Webcasting’s growth potential.

The findings were based on a July 2001 survey. Conducted by Edison Media Research, the sample consisted of 2,507 participants culled from Arbitron’s Spring 2001 panel of radio diary keepers.