Webbing While You Work takes

Even diehard Luddites don’t deny the Web boosts productivity when employees use it for business purposes. A study by Xylo, a consultancy based in Bellevue, Wash., goes a step farther by concluding even personal use of the Web “seems to have a positive benefit” for employers. Of employees who use the Web at work for personal reasons, 28 percent said it improves “the quality of their work”; another 28 percent said it makes them “happier or less stressed.” A mere 8 percent who use the Web at work believe it “takes time from getting their work done.” By contrast, 46 percent said it “helps them to be more productive.” Of those who use it daily, 74 percent said it raises their productivity. One intriguing footnote: 13 percent of workers have access to the Web at work but never use it.