Classic: Spider-Man, the cartoon character who first appeared in Marvel Comics’ Amazing Fantasy in 1962. Contemporary: Spider-Man, the soon-to-be released movie from Columbia Pictures that stars Tobey Maguire.

This mix of classic-yet-contemporary qualities made the superhero the perfect subject of a new print ad touting Reebok’s Classic brand, according to Brian Povinelli, director of global advertising for the Canton, Mass.-based company.

The black-and-white ad, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty in New York, features Spider-Man wearing Reebok’s Classic Cobra Slip-On shoes, which have a waffle-like design similar to that of Spidey’s suit. The Webslinger is perched on the ledge of a building against a dark background of skyscrapers and clouds. Copy reads, “Sidewalk Classic.”

The ad was shot on the movie set with the actual costume used in the film, though a double—not Maguire—is in the suit. It breaks in July books such as Elle Girl, InStyle, Vibe and Premiere. Povinelli added that he saw the tie-in as a way to target youths and “an important way for us to keep the Classic brand relevant.”

Reebok spent about $9 million advertising its Classic brand last year, according to CMR.