Web Site Shifts Duties

Just two months after BuyandHold.com split creative duties for its $20-25 million account between Weiss Stagliano Partners and DiMassimo Brand Advertising, the client has decided to consolidate the business at DiMassimo.
“When we realized that DiMassimo had the capability to handle it all, we made the switch,” said Denise Benou Stires, chief marketing officer at the New York-based client. “They also give us the opportunity to provide a truly integrated approach to the consumer base we want to reach.”
BuyandHold.com is an online trading service, geared to small, long-term investors. Each user can invest as little as $20. Because the service places orders in bulk twice a day, the cost per transaction is $2.99.
Melissa Brooks, a managing partner at DiMassimo and its director of brand management, said, “It’s al-ways great to see evidence that our brand integrated philosophy is working.”
When the account was awarded in May after a review, DiMassimo was given consumer advertising, direct, interactive and all media duties. Weiss Stagliano received B2B and corporate re-sponsibilities.
While Benou Stires praised “the incredibly smart people at Weiss Stagliano,” she also said that Di-Massimo was better suited to handle BuyandHold.com’s direct marketing needs.
The shop recently added staffers to its direct marketing, design, interactive and B2B services departments, said Mark DiMassimo, president and executive creative director.
BuyandHold.com launched its Web site in November 1999 and is on pace to have 100,000 customers by the year’s end, Benou Stires said.