Web Host Conveys Need for Speed

In the midst of a growth spurt, Internet access and Web hosting company HarvardNet has launched its first multimedia ad effort.
HarvardNet kicked off a three-month campaign that includes transit, outdoor and radio ads in the Boston area and a direct mail effort aimed at small and midsized businesses throughout New England, said corporate communications manager Susan Shelby.
Spending is in the mid-six figures.
The ads, developed by Inside Out Communications in Holliston, Mass., tout HarvardNet’s high-speed DSL Internet access by showing scenarios in which speed is the key to victory.
In one ad, text lies over the image of streaking racehorses and reads, “Yes. The race goes to the fastest.” The tag: “BusinessSpeed DSL. High speed Internet access for business.”
Ads include the address to HarvardNet’s newly revamped Web site, which features the slogan, “Internet at business speed.”
The ads are designed to convey that DSL is not just speed for speed’s sake, but speed that helps companies succeed, said Inside Out vice president Dean Swartz.
HarvardNet opted to market itself after receiving an $18.5 million cash influx last year that enabled the 7-year-old, Charlestown, Mass.-based firm to go from 40 to 140 employees.
Joe Bartlett in February was named HarvardNet’s vice president of marketing. He had been director of the Internet market strategies practice group at Yankee Group. Bartlett hired Inside Out, a 9-year-old firm with about 10 staffers.