Web Continues to Reach Affluent Audience

NEW YORK Despite the narrowing of the digital divide between high- and low-income households, a new study indicates that the Internet remains a powerful marketing medium through which to reach affluent consumers.

Americans with household incomes of $100,000 or more spend more time online per month versus those below that threshold, according to a report from comScore Media Metrix.

Nearly 26 million consumers in this segment used the Internet in August, logging an average of 27.6 hours online, the study found.

The only group to surpass the $100,000-plus-income bracket in terms of numbers was Internet users with a household income of $40,000-59,000. Nearly 38 million consumers in this middle-income tier logged on to the Web in August, spending an average of 26.4 hours.

For the most part, as income declines so do the number of Internet users, according to the study. About 24.6 million consumers with a household income of $75,000-99,999 used the Internet in August, versus 23.2 million belonging to a household with an income of $60,000-74,999. About 18 million and 11.4 million Internet users belonging to households with incomes of $40,000-59,999 and $25,000-39,999, respectively, went online that same month.