Weather Can Predict Whether You Want a Beer

Ad exchange uses temperature, precipitation to predict consumer desire

Before you take a sip of that beer, stop and take note of the weather outside.

The Weather Company‘s Weather FX ad platform believes that higher- and lower-than-average temperatures, along with precipitation, can help advertisers predict consumer desires. The platform uses real-time data from users, who opt in to share their locations.

During the summer, Weather FX saw a clear correlation between increased beer sales in Chicago and three consecutive days of below-average temperature. They’ve noted New Yorkers are more willing to shell out for brews after three days of above-average temperatures. 

In the fall, attitudes shift slightly. Above-average temperatures and below-average precipitation tend to make folks thirsty in Atlanta. And, when it gets hotter than normal, it’s time to crack open a cold one in Chicago and New York.

WeatherFX has been used to figure out more than when your belly craves beer. Atlanta is more likely to scream for ice cream on relatively cool summer days. When fall rolls around, residents are more likely to hanker for ice cream breaks after a period of bad weather, like heavy storms or extreme humidity and heat.

Los Angelenos, according to the data, are more likely to eat ice cream when skies are clear in the summer and fall. Below-average wind speed and a temperature that doesn’t feel too cold also play a role in increased ice cream consumption during the fall. 

WeatherFX data will be utilized by the new Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company in a partnership with The Weather Company. Desktop and mobile ads will use local conditions to make suggestions on weather-appropriate activities in the area—and give hints on when the best temperature to sip on a Leinie's Summer Shandy might be. (Hey, it’s 5 p.m. somewhere.)

Other ad exchanges include Yahoo!’s Right Media and DoubleClicks’ Ad Exchange

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