Few brand logos created in the 19th century remain unchanged since then. Starting this month, there will be one fewer, as White Rock Products Corp. finally lets its nearly 110-year-old Psyche emblem stand up and put some clothes on.

The logo, taken from a painting that hung next to a White Rock exhibit at the 1892 Chicago World’s Fair, featured a fairylike topless Psyche bending over a lake.

“It was the new millennium, and we felt that the logo looked a bit dated,” said Larry Bodkin, vp of marketing. “We read about what had been done with Betty Crocker and other classic logos, and we felt we needed an update.”

The new logo is a schematic sketch of Psyche, standing and wearing an evening gown. It was designed by Eduardo Pires, an art student from New Jersey, and selected from several hundred entries in a redesign contest held last year.

The logo will debut on the packaging of the Whitestone, N.Y.-based company’s new Sparkling Spring Water at the New York Restaurant Show on Feb. 25.