Waylon Breaks Work for A-B, U.S. Healthcare

By Trevor Jensen

CHICAGO–The apple trademark of U.S. Healthcare–newly merged with Aetna Life and Casualty Co.–is prominently featured in a new national campaign for the health maintenance organization from Waylon Ad in St. Louis.

The U.S. Healthcare branding campaign, scheduled to break today, took creatives to various locales around the U.S. in an effort to emphasize that the Blue Bell, Pa.-based HMO is available almost everywhere in the country.

The spot shows an apple hanging from a cactus in the Mojave Desert, from a pine tree in Jackson, Wyo., from a palm tree in Florida and from the television antenna of a New York City loft apartment.

A second spot mixes shots of the apple with various shadowed body parts, stressing the purported preventive healthcare properties of the fruit and the HMO.

U.S. Healthcare spent $24 million on advertising in 1996, according to Competitive Media Reporting.

Waylon Ad also recently produced, for the second year, a spot for Busch beer from Anheuser-Busch featuring stock car driver Dale Earnhardt.

The hard-charging Earnhardt, known among fans as ‘The Intimidator’ for his aggressive style behind the wheel, is seen atop a tractor in a farm field. The voiceover notes, however, that his mind is never far from racing, which is reinforced when an aerial shot reveals that Earnhardt has plowed a racing oval into the field.

The spot is airing during racing telecasts this spring.

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