Watley Contacting Shops in $5 Mil. National Review

A.B. Watley, a 40-year-old stock brokerage, has started a national search for the first agency to handle its estimated $5 million ad account.
Anthony Huston, executive vice president of Watley parent Internet Financial Services in New York, said he has contacted about 10 or 11 full-service shops, which he declined to name. He plans to narrow the list to five and pick a winner next month.
The winning agency will create a campaign to break early next year. “We’re new to the advertising business,” he said. “We want someone to partner with us. We don’t want a vendor-client relationship.”
The company, which has been handling ad duties in-house, offers investors real-time ticker data online and the ability to send trades directly to exchange floors. –Rob Lenihan