WATCH LIVE: Beck Bennett Moderates BBDO’s Cannes Seminar on ‘Nice’ Advertising

How to make emotional ads without being sappy

CANNES, France—The Cannes Lions festival is trying something new this year. It's streaming one session per day live globally on YouTube.

At 4 p.m. ET today, you can watch BBDO's seminar, titled "Nice Is the New Black," with Beck Bennett (the star of SNL and BBDO's AT&T kids ads) moderating a conversation with BBDO's David Lubars and Josy Paul. Click below to play.

Below is the description from the agency.

It's interesting how a lot of the great work out there right now is void of sarcasm, cynicism or nastiness. It's pure, straight up, emotional. And highly creative. Is it because the world is presently so bruising that people are seeking out whatever glimmer of hope and goodness they can find?

To try to answer this and other questions regarding the "new nice", Beck Bennett, star of the Lion-winning "It's Not Complicated" AT&T program, will moderate a conversation between David Lubars, BBDO Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, and Josy Paul, Chairman/Chief Creative Officer of BBDO India. They'll also discuss how to do nice without being maudlin, overly sentimental or hacky—harder to do than it sounds.

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