Washingtonpost.com Offers Large-Format Ad on Home Page

NEW YORK Washingtonpost.com has launched a 336 x 850 pixel ad unit that it claims offers the largest amount of advertising space on the home page of any major news site.

The “Homepage Marquee,” which resides on the right-hand side of washingtonpost.com, is the same size of the half-page ad that runs on the article pages of the online newspaper. It costs advertisers about three times what the publisher charges for a standard home page unit, according to a washingtonpost.com representative.

The ad is larger than the 300 x 600 pixel size that the Interactive Advertising Bureau today recommended as the industry standard for the half-page ad unit. The standard is meant to simplify matters for advertisers and agencies, allowing them to develop an execution that will be accepted across online publishers.

Web sites like CBS.com, New York Times Digital and The Weather Channel Interactive currently or plan to carry the half-page unit with the IAB-suggested measurements. Though the washingtonpost.com will continue to accept the larger size, it can also accommodate the IAB standard, the rep said.

“Marketers definitely want larger ad units—particularly for brand ads. We decided to make this change because we realized we could offer advertisers a unique opportunity—a very large ad unit with premium placement on the washingtonpost.com home page,” said the representative. “And because we’ve expanded the width of our home page, there is no impact on the editorial space.”

Marriott International was the first advertiser to appear on the prime real estate last week, followed by American Airlines. When the washingtonpost.com does not run the Homepage Marquee, it will carry a combination of a big box and skyscraper ad.