Warwick Baker O’Neill Closing Its Doors

Warwick Baker O’Neill is closing its doors after 62 years due to the loss of client business. Wilder Baker, chairman and CEO, informed the 55-person staff earlier early Wednesday, according to a statement.

The New York-based shop, which has claimed $160 million in billings, has suffered client defections this year, notably the $10 million Panasonic electric shavers business and $10 million East Coast Energy Council account. In 2000, the agency lost its premier $15-20 million Fruit of the Loom account. They haven’t been able to replace the business.

Warwick clients include Lexmark International and Reckitt Benckiser, maker of Frank’s RedHot sauce and French’s mustard, French-fried onions and Worcestshire sauce.

The agency’s last day of business will be Aug. 3.