Warsteiner Created an Annoying Ad, Then Launched Another Version Responding to the Haters

A cheeky bit of trolling by Leo Burnett Argentina

The ad came in two parts, with the second version featuring its 'fans.' Warsteiner Argentina
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If your beer’s not for everyone, does it follow that your ads might not be, either?
That’s the gamble Leo Burnett Argentina made with its recent ad for client Warsteiner, a German beer with a relatively small South American ad budget.
To help give the brewer a marketing boost, the agency recently launched an artsy new ad complete with a dark horse being ridden through a foggy night to a mysterious rendez-vous, then posted it to Facebook.
It’s … not a good ad.
But that’s OK, because it wasn’t necessarily meant to be. The spot gives a bit of a wink by ending with the brand’s regional tagline, “Si te gusta, bien”—translated in the English version as, “If you like it, fine.”
Soon after, the brand posted another version of the ad to Facebook, this time edited to include some of the negative feedback they received online, such as, “Whoever did this BS is ripping you off.” In the new version, characters respond to some of the (almost certainly predictable) questions, like, “Who the f*ck paid for this?” The ghostly, whispered answer: “Warsteiner.”
Check out the original spot, followed by the edited version (both translated into English by the agency):

While it certainly all feels a bit staged—or at least predetermined to spark a specific set of comments—it’s nice to see a brand willing to create its own ridiculous
“Warsteiner’s advertising investment in Argentina is really very small compared to the rest of the beers. That’s why when the brand talks, it does it in a transgressive and disruptive way,” explains Matías Eusebi, executive creative director for Leo Burnett Argentina.
“So the challenge was to create a bad and senseless commercial, so that everyone discusses and speaks about it,” he says. “The second commercial not only answers the criticisms, the way Warsteiner would do it, but also finishes paying off the concept and spirit of the brand.”
Client: Sabmiller
Product: Warsteiner
Agency: Leo Burnett
Country: Argentina
Name: “Horse”
Executive Creative Directors: Matias Eusebi / Ammiel Fazzari
Creative Directors: Gustavo Botte / Lorenzo Tano D’Angelo / Benjamín Tornquist / Iván Zimmerman.
Audiovisual Production Manager: Federico Puricelli.
Audiovisual Producer: Francisco Tanto Clément
Account Management: Julia Sanz
Account Executive: María Belén Derasmo
Producer: Agosto
Director: Diego N. Irigoyen
Executive Producer: Luli Kramer / Chula D’Amico
Postproduction: Daocho
Sound: La pirada
Music Band: Circle of Sound
Client: Felipe Molina / Cecilia Garcia Fernandez

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