Warren Opens L.A. Media Firm

Gutsee Media Allies With Agencies, Promises ‘Hands-on’ Service
LOS ANGELES–Southern California, a market with a long tradition of nurturing media agencies, has given birth to a new one.
The newcomer, Gutsee Media, begins life in Pasadena, Calif., with $40 million in claimed billings, several veteran Los Angeles media professionals on staff and affiliations with local shops. Its president, Pam Warren, is one of the market’s best-known media executives.
It’s the first time Warren has run her own shop. A new business specialist, she was most recently general manager of Horizon Media’s Los Angeles satellite. (New York based-Horizon has yet to name her replacement.) She has also held top media posts at the Southern California offices of International Communications Group and Rubin Postaer and Associates.
Warren said her fledgling shop has established working partnerships with Southern California shops WiseGuys Advertising, also in Pasadena, and Cybercom in Los Angeles.
“The global media agencies and most of the independent media buying services often can’t deliver the kind of hands-on client service that smaller-billing accounts are looking for,” said Warren. “But the nature of today’s clients, especially the dot.coms, is that they may not bill a lot relative to the largest players, but they are national in scope. That’s where we think we can fill a need.”
Most of the firm’s initial client base will be dot.coms and e-commerce accounts, Warren said.
“We were looking [for a partner] who had the full spectrum of media services ability,” Ray Kwong, WiseGuys chief executive officer, said of his alliance with Gutsee Media. “In the past, we have worked with more traditional media buying services, but we liked the concept Pam presented from a strategic point of view as well as her buying expertise.”
The agency begins with seven staffers, including vice president/associate media director Courtney Clinton, who has worked in the L.A. offices of Horizon and Western Initiative Media Worldwide.