walking the walk

Cleveland’s Brokaw knows it’s up against some formidable opposition for the March of Dimes’ $5 million business—proposal requests have been sent to the likes of Fallon, Deutsch and GSD&M.

So agency president Bill Brokaw decided to take a walk to show his agency’s dedication to the business. At the request of a creative team putting together ideas for March of Dimes officials, Brokaw donned a blue blazer and took to the road: first a highway shoulder outside Cleveland, then similar roadways in Pennsylvania and New York.

“It was raining, semis are flying by and I thought, ‘I’ve got plenty of insurance, the succession plan’s in place,'” Brokaw said.

Brokaw talked its way into the review through an account supervisor, Joe Messinger, who has worked with the charity’s local chapter.

“In order to get us known, we have to do something to truly stand out,” Brokaw said. The other shops have “so many guns and so many forces.”

The plan is to show the video of Brokaw walking to March of Dimes executives, then have him walk into the conference room as it winds up, as if he’s hoofed it all the way from Cleveland.