Walden Kayaks’ Journey Begins

Winstanley Associates’ first campaign for Walden Kayaks uses nature scenes and introduces the tagline, “Let the journey begin.”

Slated to run in sport-fishing magazines and trade publications, the six-figure effort makes a point of using language that fishing en thusiasts will readily appreciate.

“The last guy to fish this rip caught 20 strip ers,” one execution be gins. “He ate them raw, then flopped back on his rock for a nap.” The man in the ad is revealed to be a seal, and the creature’s prowess at catching fish is equated with the performance of Walden’s products. “There’s no place you can’t get to with a Walden kayak,” the ad continues. “The lightweight … hull not only frees you to launch practically anywhere, but the wider cockpits and stable design also make it easy to land your catch.” Winstanley has also created a new catalog and in-store point-of-sale materials.

Besides appealing to people who are serious about fishing, the shop is also seeking to entice people who “appreciate the outdoors and want to either extend their experience from the water’s edge or enhance their early experience with kayaking,” according to Diane Arseneau, vice president of the Lenox, Mass., agency.

Ayer, Mass.-based Walden joined Winstanley’s roster last year. Agency executives see the ad launch as an extension of the shop’s sports-marketing expertise.