Wal-Mart “Christmas Morning”

A lot of advertisers try to replicate the uncontainable enthusiasm children feel on Christmas morning. This Wal-Mart spot from The Martin Agency succeeds by focusing only on those few seconds it takes to go from awake to tearing gifts open in the living room. Child after child is shown jumping out of bed and racing to get to the presents to the tune of “We Need a Little Christmas.” One after another we see them jumping, sliding and tripping over each other to make it there as quickly as possible. Except for the toddler that has to take it slowly backwards and keep his hands firmly planted in front of him as he makes his way down the staircase (the cutest moment of them all). It’s a bit much at 60-seconds, but it certainly is a cheery heart-warmer. The spot ends with close-ups of the wide-eyed, open-mouthed expressions of the children as they first set sight on the gifts awaiting them. And it ends there with the greeting, “Here’s to a magical Christmas.“–Eleftheria Parpis