WAA Mulls Name Change

The Wireless Advertising Association is mulling a more inclusive moniker for the one-and-a-half-year-old organization. Board members will vote in early December on changing the name to Mobile Marketing Association, said Robert O’Hare, chairman of the WAA, and director of business development at Motorola. “We want to expand our role beyond advertising and take into account the transactional aspects, short messaging aspects, the marketing aspects,” he said.

In April, the Internet Advertising Association, WAA’s parent, changed its name to the Interactive Advertising Association. The change was made in order to reflect more accurately the organization’s membership base, which has grown in its five-year existence to include companies outside of the Internet industry.

Separately, the WAA added five members to its 27-person global board this week. New members include Mark Lee, director of strategic marketing for Coca-Cola North America; Eric Burger, director of content and merchant partnerships at Cingular; Kicki Wallje Lund, CEO of Iquity Systems; Mitesh Patel, vp of product management for Avesair; and Brian Levin, president of Mobliss..t