Boston-based Arnold Communications will break a new spot for Volkswagen of America on the much-hyped episode of Ellen in which the star’s character admits she is a lesbian.

The ad (shown here), features two men driving around in a VW Golf with absolutely nothing to do.

But don’t get excited, the agency said that the couple in its ‘Sunday Afternoon’ spot is not gay.

Arnold copywriter Alan Pafanbach said, ‘We had three ads to run and we chose that one (for Ellen) at random.’ The character’s sexual orientation was never a consideration and nothing should be inferred from the ad’s placement on the ‘coming out’ episode of Ellen, he insisted.

However, the drivers sought by Volkswagen are an increasingly diverse lot.

The first spot in the three-commercial package broke last week on The X Files. It featured a family of disco-loving aliens lost in America in a VW Jetta. A third spot, scheduled for May, stars a champion car breeder who rounds up VW models in a field.

The quirkiness of the characters is purely intentional. ‘What would a VW owner want to see? Whatever it is, it’s going to be pretty left of center,’ creative director Ron Lawner said.

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