VW Cultivates Latino Loyalty

Creative on Demand’s latest television commercials for Volkswagen play off—and build upon—the Hispanic consumer’s in-tense brand loyalty.

Two 30-second spots created by the Coral Gables, Fla., agency are scheduled to break in early October on the Univision and Telemundo networks, as well as local Spanish-language outlets in select markets.

“¡Agarra calle!” (“Seize the road!”) is the tagline.

According to agency creative director Daniel Marrero, the shop’s first VW spots, which broke in June, branded Beetle owners as “fun-loving, clever people” driving “smart, reliable cars.”

The new “Empathy” and “Road Emergency” ads playfully explore the “key role Volkwagens play in the lives of their owners.”

In “Empathy,” a man walking past a Miami construction site be-rates a group of burly laborers ona scaffold overhead for allowing dirt and dust to fall upon a VW Passat parked nearby.

“Have a little respect for other people’s property!” he shouts. When the workers blow him off, he tries to enlist the aid of another passerby, then begins cleaning the parked car with his hands. The next scene shows him unlocking his own Jetta as a voiceover intones: “Only a Volkswagen driver knows what it’s like to be a Volkswagen driver.”

In “Road Emergency,” a young couple and their toddler are driving down a highway near the Everglades in a Jetta station wagon when an “emergency” develops.

“It can’t be!” says the driver as he pulls onto the shoulder of the road. Grimacing, he rolls up his sleeves, opens the rear compartment and goes to work. A voiceover proclaims, “Only a few things will get you out of your Jetta wagon.”

The emergency turns out to be a diaper in need of changing. “We’re tying in to the quirky loyalty and personality of the VW driver,” said Marrero.

Marrero and Martin Cerri wrote the spots, creative director Priscilla Cortizas provided art direction, and Patty Rodriguez was the producer. Massimo Martinotti of Miami’s Mia Films directed “Empathy.”

Creative on Demand, which won the car maker’s business last spring, has been charged by Volkswagen of America to reach Hispanic consumers who, research revealed, were not responding positively to Arnold’s “Driver’s wanted” pitch.