VW Ads In Da Da Da Cards

Volkswagen of America already knows its TV spots from Arnold Communications, including the now-famous “Da da da” commercial, attract a cult following. The automaker now plans to take advantage of that mania with a limited edition trading card series that features its most popular TV ads– complete with “vital statistics,” like creative credits, on the back.
The cards are slated to roll out early next year. The launch date, though, is tentative owing to the Screen Actors Guild strike, since VW will need to obtain releases to produce the cards.
A second series of cards, to debut at January’s Detroit auto show, will highlight the latest VW vehicle lineup; a third set will feature models from the 1950s and ’60s, with a car on one side and an ad on the other. Some 50,000 cards will be distributed via the Web, at dealerships and at special events. One out of every 1,000 sets will include a card whose owner will be eligible for prizes awarded in a Web giveaway.