VW Ad Bows on Web

Volkswagen of America believes it has a Web first: It launches a commercial on its Web site today, one week before it is scheduled to air on network and cable
TV channels.
The 60-second spot created by Arnold Communications in Boston and titled “Milky Way” is unusual in other respects, too, according to Liz Vanzura, VW’s director of marketing and advertising. It promotes the topless 2000 Cabrio at a time of year when most people are pulling out their winter gear. It is also shot at night, unchartered territory for a convertible which is usually photographed on sun-drenched open roads.
“When we saw the rough cut, we knew the spot–because it is just so visual and has such arresting music–would lend itself well to the Web,” Vanzura said. “Because it’s so brand-oriented, it didn’t seem to matter that it’s a convertible.”
Four young adults ride along a moonlit country highway, mesmerized by music and stars that seem close enough to touch. When they reach their destination–a rowdy party–they exchange looks and reach silent agreement. The driver turns back onto the highway.
The spot has no dialogue and features a song called “Pink Moon,” written and performed by folk singer Nick Drake. (The VW Web site will feature a link to the CD on Amazon.com.) Arnold creative director Ron Lawner said the music is “transporting. To us it seemed fitting for a beautiful drive in the country on a very special night.” K