Some would say a virtual agency is a glorified term for working at home. The four executives who recently formed Vox Marketing prefer to focus on advantages the model offers for both client and agency.

“It enables us to do what we want to do personally, and it benefits our clients—we have low overhead, so we don’t charge exorbitant rates,” said Vox managing partner Amy Paxson.

Vox executives work from home offices, teaming up with a pool of freelancers on an as-needed basis.

Paxson, Brad Pruett and Martin Stadtmueller, all creative directors, and Mitch Rosenbaum, an inter active marketing specialist, make up the Vox team. The four previously worked at a direct marketing unit of Arnold, Boston.

Vox’s client roster includes Seniorlink, Boston; Philips Medical Systems, Andover, Mass.; Briggs Capital, Needham, Mass.; and Optelec, Westford, Mass. A radio campaign for Seniorlink, an eldercare consulting company, breaks today.

During its first year, Vox hopes to “do a broader range of work” and build its portfolio, according to Paxson, who notes her team’s extensive experience in direct marketing as an agency strength.