Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Spot Turns Glum White Office Workers Into Happy Jamaicans

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Are you a typical white corporate American office drone with a case of the Mondays? It would help a whole lot if you were Jamaican—or at least talked like one.

That's the comical premise behind Volkswagen's 2013 Super Bowl commercial from Deutsch in Los Angeles, which the automaker has released a full week before the game—an even longer lead time than its past two, highly praised Super Bowl spots.

"Dave," a worker from Minnesota with a curious Jamaican accent, manages to get his glum, (mostly) white co-workers on board with his sunny disposition, instilled by his bright-red VW Beetle—paying off the "Get Happy" line and the theme of Jamaican happiness introduced by reggae legend Jimmy Cliff in the teaser, released last week.

The 60-second Super Bowl spot was directed by Tom Kuntz, whose long ad résumé includes the first Isaiah Mustafa ad for Old Spice, as well as last year's DirecTV campaign. The VW commercial will air during the second quarter of the Feb. 3 broadcast.

VW is pushing the theme through the #GetHappy hashtag and invites viewers to download Cliff's exclusive "Get Happy" track at