Voice Vet

The top three questions people ask veteran voiceover actor Harlan Hogan: “Is that your real name?” (Yes.); “Do you really talk for a living?” (Yes.); and “How can I get to do voiceovers?” (That’s what he asks himself every day.)

After being asked about his work for the “900th” time, Hogan, who has voiced memorable lines such as “The cereal even Mikey likes,” and “When you care enough to send the very best,” decided to write a book on the subject of voiceover acting. The result is a combination self-help book/memoir, VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor, published by Allworth Press in New York.

The book, which was released last month, mixes Chicago-based Hogan’s stories of being in the business with tips on how to succeed. “I had an aversion to the ‘how-to’ part until I realized I could make that fun, too,” Hogan said.

Hogan hopes his book entertains readers and encourages them to get into the voice-over business.

“I’d like them to laugh and see what a wonderful business the voice over business is,” he said. “It has been, at least, for me.”