Voice-Overs Are Moving Away From Antiquated Stereotypes

Women are no longer expected to only do VOs for retail, fashion or beauty

two people are standing side by side with headphones on; they appear to be singing into a recording studio's microphone
Stereotypes, like using men for burger or beer voice-overs, are still happening in the prevalent. Getty Images

I recently found myself immersed in a creative conversation, having a healthy debate over voice-over (VO) casting for a project. The discussion was around whether we should cast a male or female talent, but not exactly for the reasons you might expect. It wasn’t necessarily about the stereotypes associated with the two genders but rather literally who we believed would be most compelling in telling the story. Fortunately, this is the creative circle that I hang in but I’m not naïve enough to think that this is always the case for all marketers and advertisers.

Sandy Song is the managing director of 180LA.