Vodafone to Run ’24’ Offshoot Series on Mobile Phones

NEW YORK Twentieth Century Fox has licensed to Vodafone the rights to distribute 24: Conspiracy, an original, live-action dramatic series based on the Fox drama 24.

The characters and story in the offshoot will be different from the TV show, and will be available in 24, one-minute weekly vignettes to the Vodafone mobile phone community in 23 countries, beginning in the United Kingdom on Jan. 30, 2005.

That will coincide with the fourth season premiere of 24 on the British TV service, SKYOne. Plans are underway to distribute the series through Verizon Wireless in the U.S.

Gary Newman, Twentieth Century Fox Television president, said the goal of the mobile series is to “enhance and extend the [24] brand.”

Designed to be seen on 3G mobile phones equipped with advanced video technology, 24: Conspiracy will give 24 fans the opportunity to race from their TV sets every week to their cell phones to catch the latest “mobisode.”

All 24 installments of 24: Conspiracy will have cliff-hanger endings leading directly into the next installment, culminating in a finale in which all questions will be answered.

Like the TV series, the story concerns the operations of agents working for the Counterterrorist Unit, an arm of the CIA devoted to preventing and responding to attacks on American soil. In the series’ first mobisode, when rogue federal operative Susan Walker murders a high-ranking government official, it’s a race against time for agent Martin Kail to bring her to justice.