Vitaminwater “Amusement”

A brand called Vitaminwater can sound like it’s aimed at abstemious health freaks — a worthy niche, to be sure, but a comparatively small one. This spot for Vitaminwater (by agency Zambezi of Venice Beach, Calif.) makes it clear that the product is suitable for consumers who treat their bodies “more like an amusement park” than “like a temple.” After all, those are the people whose lives put them in need of the restorative provided by Vitaminwater’s XXX beverage, with its Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Some viewers will almost wonder if the stuff is being positioned as a hangover remedy. Others will simply appreciate that the brand is not judging them for living their lives (as the voiceover says) “in any freaky way I want.” The voicing (by Sarah Silverman) and visuals present a consistent tone — not necessarily a good thing if you find it too cutesy and hence, mildly annoying. (That’s how it struck me.) At any rate, the spot does a capable job of getting attention and informing people who hadn’t thought of themselves as Vitaminwater types that the brand might, against their prior expectations, be a good choice for them. –Mark Dolliver