Visitors’ View: Gerry Graf and Dave Gray

Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the humidity. Maybe it was all those half days on Friday. But July’s advertising stunk.Out of more than 60 spots, there was only one campaign we really liked. And maybe three or four other spots that were just OK. We’re talking slim pickings.But even though there isn’t much to say, we promised Adweek 500 words. So here we go.
These spots were very very very very good (eight words). The only ads really worth mentioning. Nice and simple executions that looked great in that cheap kind of way. We’re not sure why Major League Baseball is being so defensive, but then again, it does set up a great tagline: “If you don’t like baseball, move to Norway.”
The “Cheerleaders” spot (above, left) was pretty good. Pretty pretty darn good. It could have turned into one of those “Hey, we’re extreme” snowboarding commercials, but it didn’t. Plus, anytime you can do a spot with young high-school cheerleaders, you’re gonna get our vote.
(That’s about 150 words.)
A good effort. A very very very good effort. And that’s surprising coming from BH and G. Really really really surprising. BH and G sells homes quickly; that’s good to know. This spot (above, right) gave us a little smile.
(200 and still counting.)
Another spot that was OK. Alright. Not bad. Not bad at all. Not bad at all, we tell ya. The stork is a simple idea that tells us someone is having a lot of kids. But you’re telling us that you’re writing a spot about vasectomies and this is the best you can do.
(We’ve got to be up to 300.)
Alright, Nike did another round of those cool peewee football spots. Hey, wait a minute . . . .Well, we’re all out of words. We hope next month’s ads are much much much much much much better.
Gerry Graf is a senior copywriter and Dave Gray a senior art director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, in San Fransisco. Their accounts include Budweiser and Polaroid.