Visit Seattle’s Soulful Documentary Series Shows a Different Side of the City

SundanceTV produced the whimsical films

Tourism videos can often be loud, flashy affairs, but with its latest content series, Visit Seattle is doing something decidedly different. The tourism bureau and Seattle-based agency PB& is partnering with SundanceTV on a series of short films that offer quiet, contemplative looks at the city.

The effort, Project Five by Five, invited five filmmakers to Seattle to create short films about the city, with each film being inspired by one of the five senses. The series is premiering today at the Sundance Film Festival with a panel of the filmmakers, and will be broadcast on Sundance TV and Visit Seattle's YouTube channel, Visit Seattle TV.

"Sundance was a great fit because we were looking for media partners that had audiences that aligned with ours, or would extended our audience even further," said Ali Daniels, vp of marketing at Visit Seattle. "We know visitors tell our story better than we could, so to get filmmakers to create these shorts was a no-brainer."

The campaign is the first major piece of work from PB&, which was launched late last year by Britt Peterson Fero and Pete Anderson, formally of Publicis and Cole & Weber, respectively.

"By partnering with Sundance, we tapped into amazing directors to tell these stories from their perspective and unpack what makes this city so interesting to people," Peterson Fero said. "If there are three words I would use to describe Seattle, they're: progressive, creative and immersive. We wanted to find a way of sharing they city's story to reflect those things."

The short films explore Seattle's unique stories and culture. "Taste" depicts a day on a farm, with shots of a farmer on the outskirts of Seattle picking berries and milking cows and then bringing his wares into a gelato shop in the city. "Smell of a Sasquatch" is a whimsical, animated look at a sasquatch that lives in the forest of the Pacific Northwest, who ventures in to Seattle to take in the smells of its various neighborhoods and attractions.

"We steered away from traditional travel videos because we wanted to create content that people could watch in their everyday lives, or when they're seeking entertainment," Daniels said. "We want them to go to the Space Needle, but also to see how we make amazing whiskey here."


Agency: PB&

Client: Visit Seattle

Ali Daniels, VP/Marketing

Nick Hawley, Director of Marketing


Clea DuVall

Drew Christie

Ian Cheney

Martha Stephens

Terence Nance


Tim Perell, Executive Producer, Process Media

Katherine Dore, Executive Producer, SundanceTV

Liza Wyles, Senior Producer, SundanceTV

Crystal McIntosh, Production Supervisor, SundanceTV

Samantha Lee, Manager, Integrated Marketing, SundanceTV

Scott Fero, Creative

Steve Williams, Creative

TOUCH: Touch of Seattle

Directed by: Ian Cheney

Produced by: Amalia Bradstreet

Executive Producer: Tim Perell  

Director of Photography: Benjamin Rutkowski

Editor: Ian Cheney

Composer: Sarah Lipstate

Sound Post Facility:  Fall On Your Sword

Supervising Producer: George Dellinger

Re-recording mixer:  Tommy Stang  

Colorist:   Stephen Derluguian


Directed by: Clea Duvall

Produced by: Malia Bradstreet

Executive Producer: Tim Perell  

Director of Photography: Benjamin Rutkowski

Editor: Kristen Young

Composer: Katy Jarzebowski

Sound Post Facility: Fall On Your Sword

Supervising Producer: George Dellinger

Sound Designer:  Tommy Stang

Colorist: Stephen Derluguian

SOUND: Jimi Could have Fallen From The Sky

Directed by: Terence Nance

Produced by: Amalia Bradstreet

Executive Producer: Tim Perell  

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