In the year 2019, the Leaning Tower of Pisa could be nearly lying on the ground.

This scenario is presented by the Ellenson Group in a new print campaign targeting airlines for Saab Aircraft Leasing, a division of Saab Group AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Pisa ad shows the tower almost horizontal with the earth; above it, a Saab turboprop airplane flies over the copy, “September 22, 2019. Saab remains the premiere turboprop flying.” The ad tells how Saab’s commitment to customers is one thing that never changes or declines.

Another ad shows the South Pole on Nov. 27, 2018, in which a multitude of penguins are in a vast field of grass. (Yep—it’s a comment on global warming.) The execution notes that “whatever the climate,” Saab offers the industry’s premier leasing programs. The tagline: “Maintaining the finest fleet in the industry.”

“These days, anyone who takes the future too seriously has a bit of a problem!” said Richard Ellenson, president of the New York shop, noting that the goal was to tout the client in a “light-handed, confident” way.

The work is breaking this month in aviation trade publications.