Visionland To Cramer-Krasselt

Planning to expand its business throughout and beyond Florida, optical chain VisionLand assigned its $1 million advertising account to Cramer-Krasselt in Orlando, Fla., following a review.
Baldrica Advertising & Marketing in Boca Raton, Fla., had handled the account for the last eight years.
Bob Begley, who formerly owned a Kentucky-based string of drugstores, purchased VisionLand in January. Begley consulted a central Florida TV station, which recommended Orlando-area agencies including Cramer-Krasselt, Anson-Stoner of Winter Park and MTV/Pinnacle of Sanford.
Cramer-Krasselt’s account background in retail, franchising, healthcare and fashion ultimately won over the Melbourne, Fla.-based client, according to Begley.
“This is a fashion business and a healthcare business,” said Cramer-Krasselt director of client services Joe Bouch, adding that the shop presented case studies for clients Discount Auto Parts and the Florida Department of Citrus Gift Fruit. “We have to decide which aspect of that business is doing to be most important, and it may change market by market.”
Begley concurred, adding that prior ads took “more of a shotgun approach, and we’re trying to rifle in.”
Cramer-Krasselt is currently conducting research which will determine the direction of VisionLand’s new advertising; cable television and direct mail are being considered.
While past efforts have focused on radio, Begley said an interim campaign created by Cramer-Krasselt is exclusively promotion-based print. The ads employ VisionLand’s tagline, “Where America sees better for less,” developed by Baldrica. A new branding campaign, likely featuring a new theme, is expected this summer.
VisionLand has 13 stores along Florida’s Atlantic coast. Over the next year, the client will concentrate on adding locations within the Sunshine State–Orlando and Tampa are next–while also expanding into other Southeast markets. By December, Begley hopes to have a total of 25 stores.