Virgin Mobile Gets ‘Crazy’

A new Virgin Mobile campaign from Mother, New York, encourages cell phone users to say “goodbye to stupid” and hello to its “Beyond Talk” plans, which offer $25 for unlimited messaging, e-mail, data and Web — as well as 300 minutes of talk time.
A high-octane spot directed by Jonus Akerlund opens with a black-and-white scene of mourners burying their old phone bills and shifts to color with “Say Hello to Crazy” and a birthing scene as The Hives’ “Early Morning Wake-Up Call” kicks in. College students party, a tattoo artist gets distracted, a man leaves his house pants-less, all due to the exciting new “crazy” plan.
“Our new advertising gets the message out that it’s stupid to be buying thousands of talk minutes to get what many of these consumers really want, never-ending social networking,” said Bob Stohrer vp, marketing, Virgin Mobile USA.
An online video ad shows a couple throwing cash down a toilet.
The campaign marks the brand’s collaborative return to the Mother co-founders, Linus Karlsson and Paul Malmstrom, who first helped launch Virgin Mobile in the U.S. when at Fallon in New York in 2003.
Mother has worked on projects for the brand over the years, most recently in 2006.
Virgin Mobile most recently worked with Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York, and prior to that, McKinney and now-defunct Toy.
Virgin Mobile USA spends about $10 million annually on ads, per Nielsen.