Viewpoint’s Discovery: ‘Planet Earth’

BOSTON Viewpoint Creative has fashioned a TV and online campaign for Discovery Channel’s 11-part Planet Earth series, which began airing this week.

The teaser campaign uses imagery from the show and a primal soundtrack coupled with the on-screen copy that reads, “You have never felt it … Like this. Planet Earth.”

The Boston-based agency also developed the show’s opening and closing segments, as well as a promotional DVD inserted into consumer publications.

“This is one of those projects where you feel lucky to be involved,” said Michael Middeleer, Viewpoint cd. “The network is about the joy of discovery and our job was to create a campaign that captures this spirit and generates a buzz for this truly amazing series. It had to create a must-see atmosphere, and it had to promise viewers who ‘have seen it all’ an Earth experience that would take their breath away. I think we accomplished both.”

Planet Earth is a Discovery-BBC co-production that took five years to complete, with filming in some 2,000 locations worldwide.

Viewpoint specializes in entertainment and media clients, and has also worked for ABC, Bose, Gillette and HBO, among others. The shop maintains an office in Los Angeles.