Viewers Ignored Ads During Royal Wedding

Diet Pepsi spot fares best

American television viewers were so transfixed by the royal nuptials last Friday that they paid little attention to the advertising around the broadcasts. Those that did watch the commercials were not impressed.

That's from Ace Metrix, a firm that measures the effectiveness of TV commercials via an online panel that scores ads based on factors such as likability and recall.

One of the most popular spots was the Diet Pepsi commercial featuring Sofía Vergara and David Beckham. But even this ad did not perform spectacularly. "While the ad captured significant positive attention, especially from women, in a daypart that many advertisers thought was too early, the product recall on the product struggled a bit, with only 85 percent of respondents identifying the ad as being from Diet Pepsi," said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix.

The Diet Pepsi commercial scored 586 in the Ace Metrix scheme. For comparison, the most effective Super Bowl ad earlier this year scored 662.

Given that the audience for the Royal Wedding reached some 22 million, advertisers’ failure to trot out creative that sufficiently engaged consumers seems like a clear missed opportunity.