Video: What We Can Learn From the Impact of Streetwear on Retail

Brands reveal insights that extend far beyond fashion

Video: Breana Mallamaci, Josh Rios, John Tejada; Editor: Nick Gardner
Headshot of Nick Gardner

Streetwear, a subculture in fashion you may have never even heard of, is the cause of an unprecedented shift taking place in the fashion industry.

In the current marketplace, where a hoodie from a brand like Supreme is among the most sought-after pieces, the line defining luxury fashion is beginning to blur. Where traditional luxury thrives on quality, streetwear brands achieve their status through an innovative retail model. As Jeff Carvalho, managing director, N.A., Highsnobiety reveals in this video, the impact of these changes extends far beyond fashion.

Nick is a video producer at Adweek and host of the Gen ZEOs podcast.