Video Reality

Boark, Pirsig & Dobie has retooled the ragged sports clichƒ “Be the ball” in a new campaign for video game publisher Red Storm Entertainment.
The shop’s message: “Be the game.”
“We wanted to sell the whole point about the realism,” said Phillip Wnuk, president of the Highland Park, Ill., shop. “You’re going to be so immersed in [the game] you’re really going to be pulled into the action.”
In a TV spot that broke last week for the client’s Rainbow Six products, a young man is sucked into the game itself. An actor joins actual Chicago tactical police officers in counterterrorism exercises, intercut with graphics from the game in progress.
Returning to reality, presumably after saving the world from global terrorism, the actor’s only reaction is a stunned “Whoa.”
The second nationally broadcast spot for the games, based on a novel by Tom Clancy, shows a player unwilling to give up his turn until a team of commandos asks him to. The tagline: “So true to life, even the experts can’t tell the difference.”
–Jenn Goddu