Video: Inside the Super Secret Batmobiles at Warner Bros.’ SXSW Activation

DC Comics puts the pedal to the metal

Video: Josh Rios/John Tejada; Editor: Breana Mallamaci

Warner Bros. subsidiary DC Comics is bringing its comic books to life for its 2018 SXSW activation. The film and TV studio brought several vehicles from two Batman films, as well as last year’s Justice League, allowing festival-goers to get up close and personal with movie history.

“They decided, this is SXSW, [so] we’re going to open it up. Which is unheard of,” said Eric Ship with Vehicle Effects, a production company that works with Hollywood studios. “We don’t let the people in the cars in our shop. We don’t allow photos. And they’re really opening it up to the people to let them in, and it’s been a really positive experience,” he said.

Here, Warner Bros. Television Group president and CMO Lisa Gregorian talks about how the activation is a reflection of the classic comic book as a work of art.