Vibram Enlists Nail for FiveFingers Launch

Vibram has tasked Nail Communications with helping to promote the concept of “barefoot running” and assist in the launch of the client’s FiveFingers product, which resembles a glove for one’s feet. The shoes hit stores in March.

The independent agency in Providence, R.I., will initially build a microsite and handle related chores for the Concord, Mass., client. Spending was not disclosed.

Vibram’s offerings thus far have been known mainly among hardcore barefoot or minimalist runners. Nail’s mission is to expand that market and raise the mainstream profile of the thin, flexible soles contoured to the shape of the human foot.

The shoes now come in several varieties, some with special features like straps or insulation for specific outdoor activities.

In addition, the brand is recognized as a leader in high-performance soles for outdoor, casual and service footwear.

Recent marketing efforts have been highly targeted.

Nail added e-commerce work from A.T. Cross last month, and it also handles assignments for Evergreen Solar, Gore-Tex and Segway.