Veryfine Moves to N.Y. Agency

BOSTON Sunny Delight has moved general-market advertising chores for its recently acquired Veryfine and Fruit2-0 brands to independent shop Carrafiello Diehl.

“Carrafiello Diehl has demonstrated through work on our SunnyD, Fruit Simple and Elations brands that they have a unique understanding of what motivates consumers to make a purchase decision,” said Rick Zimmerman, the client’s svp, marketing and innovation, in a statement. “That understanding, which they call ‘a healthy knowledge of people,’ has proven highly successful in developing creative that effectively reaches and connects with consumers.”

Veryfine and Fruit2-0 have used various shops in the recent past for advertising. Combined annual spending on the brands in measured media has typically exceeded $10 million, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

The brands were previously owned by Kraft Foods.

Carrafiello Diehl is based in Irvington, N.Y. The agency is best known for its efforts on behalf of Centrum, Comet, Compound W, Spic and Span and DW-40, among others.