Forget “help wanted.” When Mullen placed a recruitment ad seeking applicants for a producer, the headline read, “Whale Boat Disaster Claims One.”
The copy explained that Milanni Bosetta, whose position the ad was looking to fill, was lost at sea when a whale collided with her tour boat.
Fact or fiction?
It turns out the only truth is that the agency is indeed looking for a producer. The rest of the story–including the lost producer’s name–is from the imagination of copywriter Michael Calienes, who recently joined the Wenham, Mass., shop from Turkel Schwartz & Partners in Coconut Grove, Fl.
He confesses to be fascinated with the New England tradition of whale watching.
“Originally, she died, but then we [changed course and] decided we just don’t know what happened to her,” explained Calienes, who created the ad with art director Carol Fox.
“She could be sunning somewhere on an island.”