Verizon Wireless “Vampire”

This vampire-themed Verizon Wireless commercial would have been better timed if it began running last fall, when the Twilight tizzy was at its height with the release of New Moon. Set in a lush, misty forest that could have been lifted right from the blockbuster film, a woman pleads with her vampire boyfriend to give her eternal life. Just as he bares his fangs and moves in to fulfill her wish, he discovers a deal breaker — AT&T’s spotty 3G coverage map hovering over her head. “Forever is a really long time to be struggling with slow music downloads and e-mails,” he tells his disappointed mate and races off to a nearby group of female Verizon customers to make a new play. In another nod to the movie plot, waiting in the wings for our damsel now in distress is a wolf that makes his move with a flirty “What’s up” and a wink the minute the dashing bloodsucker disappears. –Eleftheria Parpis

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