Verizon Promotion Launches on Phone ‘Web’

SAN FRANCISCO — Verizon Wireless has launched a new campaign on VoiceWeb’s interactive telephone network for teens, The Loup, both companies said Thursday. The effort, which promotes the Verizon Wireless FREEUP plan, will run through April 9. The budget for the effort was $40,000.

VoiceWeb’s The Loup is a phone community created exclusively for teens between the ages of 13-18. It currently has one million registered users and operates hubs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle and Phoenix.

When registered teens dial a preassigned 800 number from their LAN line or cell phone, they are connected with voice messaging, chat and message board options, among other interactive activities. The network is structured like the Internet, but uses telephone touch-tones as its browser to navigate from one option to the next.

However, before teens can enter the community, they must first listen to a 15-second audio message from Verizon Wireless. The ad copy was written by VoiceWeb and approved by Verizon. If teens are interested in getting more information on the service, they simply press 5 to be connected with a Verizon operator.