Verizon Goes Street Level With Droid Game

As part of the marketing to promote the launch of the Droid Smartphone, Verizon Wireless took to the streets taking over four vacant storefronts in three cities to create a one-of-kind interactive experience for pedestrians. Through Dec. 27, pedestrians in San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles are invited to play the Droid Game, a videogame at street level.

Using hand gestures, pedestrians control the robotic arms of the Droid with their hands to collect as many falling Droid Apps as they could in a 30-second period. Players compete with other players. They are also prompted to enter an e-mail address to receive information about the new Droid phone.

More than 800 pedestrians are playing the game each day as thousands watch on.

“The Droid Phone combines some of the most state of-the-art technology ever offered by a Smartphone, so it made sense to ensure that the interactive storefront offered a one-of-a-kind technology experience,” said Joshua Cohen, president of Pearl Media, which worked with Zenithmedia to plan and execute the campaign.

McGarry Bowen designed creative elements of the interactive display. EyeClick provided the technology for the gesture-based “Droid Game.”