Veritas Software Narrows to 3

Veritas Software, a data-storage program supplier with revenue of $1 billion, is nearing the final stages of a review for its ad account.

Claiming the need for a global network, the Mountain View, Calif., company parted ways with high-tech shop Dayner/Hall. The Orlando, Fla., agency held the estimated $10 million business for less than two years.

Dayner/Hall will handle media for the client through year’s end. A new shop is set to be named in September.

Scheduled to present creative work during the next few weeks are finalists Doremus and GMO/Hill, Holliday, both San Francisco, and Leo Bur nett, Chicago. The three were recently selected from an initial list of 12 shops.

The search follows the May hiring of svp of marketing Doug Roseborough. He formerly held the top marketing posts at startup SmartAge and e-commerce firm BackWeb Technologies. “Quite frankly, my perspective is we do a terrible job of communicating to the rest of the world,” he said. “We talk about ourselves in a way that the general per son doesn’t understand.”

Besides simplifying Veritas’ ad mes sage, Roseborough said he wants a shop with the global resources to connect with the company’s 103 offices in 25 countries.

Veritas spent nearly $4 million on consumer ads last year, per CMR, and $6 million on B2B media, according to AdScope. The com pany expects to spend about the same on consumer ads in 2001, with slightly more devoted to B2B.